Using a web browser with Internet access, an agent, broker, or FSBO can create a compelling property showcase in minutes by completing our three-step online wizard. This step-by-step process of building a LookyListing™ helps guide even the most novice of users through the configuration of the required elements.

All of the features of a LookyListing™ are accessible during and after the build process so you don’t need to worry if something is not perfect the first time through. Layout, photographs, text, virtual tours, documents, maps, calculators, links and more, can all be added or configured to create a customized viewing experience at any time!

Here are just a few of the many advantages you will discover when using a LookyListing™:

  • Gain the Competitive Advantage! Use our tools to help acquire listings. Demonstrate your competitive edge to a potential client by putting together a LookyListing™ site for their property.

  • FREE Sign Rider: Take advantage of our Sign Rider Feature! With each LookyListing™ comes a free Rider Sign for you to display your new property website address. We only charge you a small shipping and handling fee and it is delivered to your door!

  • Result Oriented: Because buyers can go directly to a LookyListing™ without wading through pages of other properties, the focus is centered on selling your client’s property, not finding it.

  • Uniqueness: No longer does your listing have to compete for attention in congested directory searches. With a LookyListing™, it’s hard to be part of the crowd when you are nowhere near it. Each LookyListing™ is a distinctive showcase of one and only one property.

  • Feature Packed: Web Statistics, videos, floor plans, slide shows, virtual tours, documents, disclosures, school information, driving directions, mortgage calculator, text narratives, building specifications, Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds, Search Engine Submissions and more…

  • Agent Promotion: Though each LookyListing™ is all about a single listing website, your photograph and contact information appear on almost every page, creating a powerful advertising image for yourself and your company.

  • Targeted Efficiency: Recent studies have shown that over 70% of homebuyers utilize the Internet to search for properties. The homebuyers of today are going to the Internet to find homes for sale. We feel that is key in helping you showcase the property.

  • Simple to Use: Every aspect of a LookyListing™ from creating your site to using the built in contact tools was designed with simplicity in mind. Most of a LookyListing™ is created automatically which means less work for you. No complex software or classes needed either. All you need is a browser and if you are reading this now, you have all the expertise you will need.

  • Easy to Remember: With a web address based on the street address of a property, your listing becomes more easily found by buyers. For example, if your property is located at 225 Bayview, and you activate, you would then simply use that website address on all of your flyers, mailings, sign riders, newspaper ads, etc.

  • Functional: Running out of flyers at the property? Let your sign rider show the LookyListing™ address and you won’t have to worry that you’ve missed a sale opportunity. Also, watch the LookyListings™ feature set grow as value added services are successfully negotiated with our strategic partners.